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Stop accidentally quitting Apps (CMD+Q)

Have you ever accidentally hit CMD+Q, instead of CMD+W, on your Mac and closed the entire App when you really wanted to close just one tab? I know you did!

So now I'll teach you how to prevent that! Just follow these steps and thank me later... ;)

  1. Open "System Preferences"
  2. Select "Keyboard"
  3. And "Keyboard Shortcuts"
  4. Now click at "Application Shurtcuts" to add a new custom shortcut
  5. Click on the "plus" sign
  6. Select the App you want to "protect"
  7. On "Menu Title", enter the exact label from the menu option to exit the app you selected. (eg. On Google Chrome, it's "Quit Google Chrome". In some other apps, it's just "Quit")
  8. On "Keyboard Shurtcut", type something safe. Like CONTROL + COMMAND + Q

You can use this tip to change any other shortcut or even add shortcuts to menu options without one previously assigned.