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Playing .MKV files on Samsung TVs AllShare

I like to stream videos from my Mac to my Samsung Smart TV through AllShare. AllShare is a DLNA client and it's very easy to stream from a Mac with Yazsoft's Playback.

The problem is that Samsung TV's don't like MKV files. Playback provides a convenient MKV conversion, but it relies on the abandoned Perian project and video conversion is always slow.

So I've found a little trick to stream almost any .MKV files easily. You'll need to install MKVToolNix first. On a Mac, if you already have Homebrew installed, it's just as easy as:

brew install mkvtoolnix

And if you don't have Homebrew, you should get it NOW! ;]

Now, you just have to find the MKV video and run:

mkvmerge -o fixed.avi --compression 1:none old_video_file.mkv

It will rebuild your .MKV file headers without compression and rename it as a .AVI file to trick Samsung's AllShare! If you still can't play it, try to include the --no-cues parameter. But keep in mind that you won't be able to skip the video anymore.

If none of this worked, you'll probably need to reconvert your video using HandBrake, Miro Video Converter, FFmpeg or something else.