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Gif2TileSet: Extract GIF frames into a Tile Set

Some weeks ago I started studying some animation techniques in Flash games and I started making some Blitting experiments. I will post something about it soon, but the point is that to make an animation you first need the graphics and, as your probably don't know, I suck at drawing! So the first step was ripping some sprites and I remembered about some really nice animated GIFs I've seen some months ago.

So I got the GIFs and tried to find some tool to extract all the frames and I didn't find anything good for it. I know I can use the Adobe Fireworks to do that, but then I will have to copy frame by frame at the perfect position to do the blitting... So I've decided to make my own tool to do the job!


Using the as3gif project I wrote a very simple and experimental tool to do the job and I decided to publish as Open Source to, maybe, help somebody else that is studying those techniques. You can even get the code and see some blitting there too! ;)

On this example I used the character "Infierno Púrpura" from this really beautiful final project game called "Ay, Caramba!" (thank you Jujuqui!):

Infierno Púrpura

And I've got this result:

Sample Tile Set

So that's it! Check out the Gif2TileSet demo and, if you really like it, fork the code on GitHub and make your own improvements.